Growing vegetbles and fruits with hight nutritional values

Life Engine™

Build the future

The Sun whenever and wherever you like it

Life Engine™, the plasma lamp to grow vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, aromatics, herbes, algae, etc...

Plants have optimized over billions of years their biology to use sunlight. The light produced by our lamp creates sunny days anywhere at anytime.

Life Engine™


Life Engine™ produces full sun spectrum (UVA+B, Visible, Infrared, Far-Infrared).

We promote Life Engine™ plasma lamp to grow healthy food, we belive that we are contituted by what we eat.
Healthy food is the best way to fight obesity, heart disease and deficiencies.



Our plasma lamp mimics the sun spectrum like no other.

Matching Table

Application Domain: 280 - 1'600 nm, normalized to unity.

Light Source Technology Spectral Matching Wavelength Matching
Life Engine™ 89 % 100 %
LEDs 33 % 30 %
CMH 315 W 22 % 30 %
HPS 1000 W 8 % 39 %
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  • to live healthy


    UVA (320 - 400 nm) + UVB (280 - 320 nm)

    Ultraviolet Light

    The UVA+B contributes to improve the immune system of plants. The elaboration of complex and active molecules is enabled by UV light.

    UVA+B produces free radicals in living organisms, and to avoid damage, plants produce antioxidant molecules as defence. The antioxidant components are important for a healthy life.

    The witness represents the set of plants that where not illuminated with the test light sources.

    Source: Comparative light test studies - Agroscope - Conthey - Switzerland

    DPPH denotes a standardized test to quantify the content of antioxidant species in plants.

    The strawberries grown under the Life Engine™ illumination contain more antioxidant molecules than the ones illuminated with LED or HPS light sources. The richness of wavelengths in the light has positive influence on the nutritional quality of fruits. Antioxidant molecules help your body to fight the time.

    Picture: Comparative light tests on nutritional quality of strawberries and tomatoes. Light sources investigated are HPS (High Pressure Sodium), LEDs and the Life Engine™.
    Source: Research Center - Agroscope - Conthey - Switzerland

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  • Plant wellness

    Infrared and Far-Infrared

    Infrared (800 - 1'100nm) + Far-Infrared (1'100 - 1'600 nm)

    Infrared and Far-Infrared Light

    Infrared and Far-Infrared are important to keep the leafs at the right temperature to increase biological activity. Life Engine™ produces the right amount of Infrared (800 - 1'100 nm) and Far-Infrared (1'100 - 1'600 nm) to have healthy plants.

    For the blooming of plants, the Infrared and Far-Infrared part of the light spectrum plays an important role, as these wavelengths are responsible for triggering the flowering phase.

    It is paramount to have the good amount of Infrared and Far-Infrared light, as too much would heat-up the leafs and the tops exageratly.

    The LED technology produces no Infrared and Far-Infrared light.

    The Life Engine™ mimics the sun and produces just the right amount of Infrared and Far-Infrared light to the needs of Nature.

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  • How you win

    Efficiency of Sunlight

    Cost calculation

    Power of Sunlight

    The plants are optimized to use sunlight. Our lamps are between 25% and 50% more efficienct than HPS, CMH and LEDs to grow plants or algae. Comparative tests have bean made and are still on going in Switzerland.

    We are not doing magic, we only permit to Nature to give its full expression.

    - 2 x Life Engine™ (2 x 1'000 W) are equivalent to

    • 3 x 1'000 W HPS
    • 9 x 315 W CMH
    • 4 x 630 W LEDs
    Technology Energy Saving Saved cost per year in greenhouse (bulbs included) Saved cost per year indoor agriculture (air conditioning included)
    HPS 33 % 408 CHF or USD 1'635 CHF or USD
    CMH 315 W 27 % 347 CHF or USD 1'389 CHF or USD
    LEDs 17 % 212 CHF or USD 850 CHF or USD
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  • CO2

    Environmentally friendly

    C02 reduction calculation


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  • Clean technology

    No Mercury

    Life Engine™


    Parameter Values
    Power Nominal 1'100 W, maximum 1'200 W
    Input 185 - 265 VAC, 5A @ 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Spectrum Full Sun spectrum (UVA+B, visible, Infrared and Far-Infrared)
    Surface covered 5 - 10 square meters, depending the plants
    Hanging 2 hooks on top
    Weight 6 kg

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